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Welcome to the Provider Education page!

We are excited to be working with you. Our goal is to help streamline the authorization process by making sure you can submit review requests via the web portal effectively and efficiently. We hope you find these tools helpful. If you need any additional information, please email us 

All Imaging Authorization Requests for fee for service Medicaid members will be entered in the new portal.

*This change does not affect MS Medicaid members enrolled in MSCANS or CHIP. This is only for fee for service Medicaid members. 




New Prior Authorization Provider Portal Available for Registration

As previously announced, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) will transition to Telligen, a new Utilization Management/Quality Improvement Organization (UM/QIO), in early 2024.

To ensure you have adequate time to transition we ask that beginning December 1, 2023, providers begin registering with Telligen for the purpose of submitting prior authorization requests for Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) members. Telligen will be the UM/QIO vendor to replace the following:

  • Alliant Health Solutions ̶ responsible for medical authorization requests
  • Kepro(formerly eQHealth Solutions) ̶ responsible for advanced imaging authorization requests

Providers are advised to visit Telligen’s Mississippi UM/QIO website beginning December 1, 2023 to register for portal access. Look for the Provider Portal Registration option, as indicated in the red box below.


Please note: Prior authorizations for members enrolled in MississippiCAN and CHIP will continue to be handled by the respective coordinated care organization.




Training Calendar

MS Medicaid Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Provider Education Webinars


There are no webinars scheduled at this time.  Please check back for future webinar schedules. 

Education and Forms

Prior Authorization Information

The Prior Authorization Form should only be used when access to the Atrezzo web portal is temporarily unavailable. Please contact 866 740 2221 if you are having difficulty logging into the portal. 

 Retrospective Authorization requests may be submitted using the Prior Authorization Request form when the Atrezzo web portal is temporarily unavailable. 

MS Advanced Imaging Prior Authorization Request Form


When an adverse decision (denial based on medical necessity) has been made on a prior authorization request, the member or provider may request a Reconsideration within 30 days of the adverse determination letter. Please refer to the Advanced Imaging Provider Manual for more details. A reconsideration request CANNOT be made for Technical Denials. 

This form should only be used when access to the Atrezzo web portal is temporarily unavailable. 

MS Advanced Imaging Reconsideration Form


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MS ADI Provider Portal Create A Case Wizard

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MS ADI Adding and Managing Users
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MS ADI Provider Registration
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MS ADI Provider User Training

Questions and Answers

Accessing Atrezzo

First time Log in/Registration Instructions:

1. If you currently have a Kepro account for other lines of business, please email with your name, phone number, Kepro username and NPI AND MS Medicaid number of the group you are needing access to.  Kepro staff will provide access to the MS Medicaid contract under your established Kepro account. New registration is not required.

2. If your group has never used Kepro for other lines of business, the Provider Group Administrator will need to register the group or hospital NPI for the first time and create each user an account.  A short tutorial video can be found in the Video section.